About Airlift Solutions AS

Airlift Solutions is a private company owned by Airlift AS, Tranferd and Serit Fjordane IT. We do inspections with drone and helicopters. Airlift Solutions is also establishing logistics solutions carried out by drone. Airlift Solutions is utilizing experience gained from inspections, competence from owners in order to build competence within the logistic segment. A drone logistic solution has to be build based on future technical and operational solutions.

Airlift Solutions AS have postal address at Førde Lufthavn Bringeland, but uses also Airlift Solutions Office at Peak Sunnfjord.

Today Airlift Solutions have 3 employees and uses also resources from parent companies in order to conduct support tasks like QA manager and economy functions.

Airlift Solutions AS first operational year was in 2019. The aim is to grow substantially and increase business within inspection and logistic segment.


  1. Inspection carried out with UAV
    Airlift Solutions is affiliated with one of the few independent flare systems experts. We carry out assignments for Equinor and other operators, both nationally and internationally. These assignments consist of inspections with a HD cameras and Infra-red camera.
  2. Logistic by UAV
    We believe that several of the logistics challenges of the future can be solved with the use of environmentally friendly drones. We link aviation expertise with logistics expertise to provide future logistics solutions in the air – using new technology.

Airlift Solutions is working to develop a total drone logistics solution. This means finding a solution that creates value for the customer through increased quality and reduced environmental footprint. Our solution will be based on a high degree of security for the community, so that the interests of all those affected are safeguarded.

Airlift Solutions is proud to work closely with the Health Service through various projects where the goal is to find a total solution that is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.