About Airlift Solutions

Airlift Solutions is a company that is 50% owned by Airlift AS and 50% by Transferd AS.

We believe that several of the future’s logistics challenges may be resolved using environmentally friendly drones. We link aviation expertise with logistics expertise in order to be able to provide the logistics solutions of the future in the air – using new technology.

Greater added value through the use of new technology is what we intend to provide. Airlift Solutions currently provides inspection missions and expertise development for industry. We enable others to use technology and drones to resolve their tasks in a fast and effective manner. Either by identifying good technical solutions for you and arranging all permits, or by carrying out complete inspections.

In our organisation we have aviation expertise, engineering expertise and extensive drone expertise that allows us to offer comprehensive package solutions to customers.


  • Inspection report

  • Drone and helicopter services

  • Training and competence development

Airlift Solutions inspections

If you require advanced equipment for the tasks or don’t need to fly very often, it may be better that we perform inspections for you. We have advanced drones with zoom and thermal cameras that have a long range and can withstand harsh conditions. If we can’t manage it with a drone, we may use a helicopter. We have access to expertise to assess images and create comprehensive inspection reports that are tailored to the customer’s needs.

We provide a complete inspection package tailored to the customer’s needs.

Airlift Solutions - Drone- og helikoptertjenester - www.airliftsolutions.no

Future transport solutions

In partnership with Transferd we are working with the aim of finding a suitable test route for goods delivered by drone. Airlift Solutions believes in green logistics where small goods are transported by air. We are looking to partner with other companies that have goods to transport – and that are willing to try out the transport solutions of the future in western Norway.

If we can manage that here with our climate, we can manage it anywhere.

We will find a suitable test route and try out the concept with a fixed sender and fixed recipient.

Dronepilot, Airlift Solutions - Drone- og helikoptertjenester - www.airliftsolutions.no

Fly yourself

If you want to operate drones yourself, we can arrange for all training and permits. Airlift Solutions will provide the necessary training and instructions, so that the operation of drones takes place within the scope of the regulations. We will engage in dialogue with the Civil Aviation Authority, so that you don’t have to.

In addition, we are not agents for specific equipment, and can therefore provide good, impartial advice. After speaking to you we identify good technical solutions that are suited to your business. We arrange all dialogue with the Civil Aviation Authority for you, and ensure that all permits are in order.

We train you in the use of equipment and all applicable rules. Airlift Solutions makes it easy to use drones!


Helicopter services

Airlift AS has its main base at Førde Airport Bringeland in Sogn og Fjordane, and is the largest northern European provider of domestic helicopter services. We have helicopters stationed at our bases in Førde (Sogn og Fjordane), Kinsarvik (Hordaland) and Stranda (Møre og Romsdal). Airlift also has bases in Bergen and Hammerfest, where the main activities are related to the transport of pilots to larger vessels calling at Norwegian ports.

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Børre Eimhjellen, Airlift Solutions - Drone- og helikoptertjenester - www.airliftsolutions.no

Børre Eimhjellen

General Manager / CEO

Børre Eimhjellen is 43 and has a maritime technical university college education. More than 15 years of leadership experience in maritime, offshore, logistics and aviation. Several years of experience from maritime high voltage installations.

Børre has extensive experience of drones and remotely controlled systems, and has had this as a hobby for more than 30 years.

Stian Berger, Airlift Solutions - Drone- og helikoptertjenester - www.airliftsolutions.no

Stian Berger

Drone operator

Stian Berger is 30 and has a degree in electrical engineering from Bergen University College. He is also a trained AFIS proxy and has worked with flight information services for Avinor.

Stian has many years of experience in operating different drone types and is a drone photographer.