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Airlift Solutions specializes in inspection services and data capture. The collected data is evaluated by technical experts and implemented in our data analysis software which makes it easier for you to review the results and use them as a foundation for future decisions. You can compare results from previous inspections and see the developments on your personal dashboard.


Airlift Solutions is affiliated with one of the few independent flare systems experts. This allows us to provide complete inspection reports that are independent of flare suppliers. Recommendations on life, operation and maintenance and possible replacement will be completely without the influence of flare suppliers. We use software and see development of defects over time so that together with the customer we can assess the remaining flare life.


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1. DRONE INSPECTION – environmentally friendly · efficient · smart

We place great emphasis on finding cost-effective, forward-looking and environmentally friendly solutions with a high degree of security. Airlift Solutions has the highest standard of drone certification and is working with one of the few independent flare tip experts in the world who can perform flare tower inspection on all upstream and downstream facilities.

We carry out assignments for Equinor and other operators, both nationally and internationally. These assignments consist of inspections with a HD cameras and a heat-seeking IR camera.


Pictures are taken according to academic standards and requirements, so that professional competence can assess status based on the imagery. We work with FLARELIFE™ and Jonathan Miles to review the data. Jonathan Miles has over 20 years of experience as a specialist flare consultant for the oil and gas industry.

We film with high resolution camera and / or heat seeking camera. We edit and process images to your requirements and deliver raw data with or without professional review.


Airlift Solutions has developed software adapted to large volumes of data obtained from the drone. This makes the image processing very effective, and in addition, data is easily searchable for the customer afterwards. Trends, overview of error types and severity are easily searchable in software.

  • Cost effective
  • Look at trends and developments
  • Filter on fault conditions
  • Easily retrieve relevant data
  • Easily prepare the basis for presentations
  • Reports in pdf-format and slide show according to your wishes


Drone inspection makes it possible to inspect offshore and onshore oil and gas structures in a fast, secure and environmentally friendly manner. With the help of a drone, we can safely carry out inspections that would otherwise require large resources and a long time to complete.

Drone inspection reduces risk for operations that potentially can pose a health and safety to employees, and in addition, offers a lower cost base  than most alternatives. Through regular inspections and evaluation we can assist with long term maintenance planning, extension to the life of flare systems, and we minimize the risk of unplanned shutdown and loss of production in the event of a flare tip replacement.